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Jealous Furniture are a set of objects that aims to create awareness of the time we spent connected to the virtual world.
Watch out - They may become violent!!!

Playing with the Real versus Virtual, Jealous Furniture criticize the time we spent nowadays in front of a computer, connected
to the "Virtual World" instead of enjoying the pleasure of "reality". A set of objects will be created in order to adapt "jealous" behaviors, calling your attention or disturbing you. Playing with the concept of jealous. How do we represent this irational feeling?

Ex: a lamp( extreme importance for the perception/function of the space) that moves and dim disturbing the space if you spend
to much time online; a bookshelf that throws books to the floor or to you, depending to where do u have your bookshelf;

Jealous Furniture is a set of objects that are aware of your connectivity to the virtual space, since they are sniffing and analyzing
the "data" that you send over TCP/ IP connections. They are measuring what you are doing in the virtual space and they based their reactions according to that activities and also according with how long you are doing them that is similar to measuring how long you are connect to the virtual. The gameplan of this jealous objects is to awareness you to enjoy the real space so they aim to disturb you as much as possible in order to keep up disconnect to the virtual.

Critical design, Networks objects, living objects

Work by:
Petra Farinha for Networks Objects - Final Project
petra.printscreen at gmail dot com